Hello! I'm Katie Burke! I am a children's book and freelance digital illustrator. I love to create whimsical and magical environments by painting light and using strong, unified colors throughout my work. I also love to draw unique and fun characters to populate these environments. I am the author and illustrator of at least two children's books so far with a rapidly growing collection of illustrations in my portfolio. 

Spring 2020


Editorial Illustration

As COVID-19 spreads more and more each day, it becomes harder to wrap our minds around. I kept myself sane during the early days of social distancing, staying at home and out of work, by absorbing as much art as possible. I hadn't yet created any art to try and sort out my feelings, but knew that it was important to keep using my creativity as an outlet in such uncertain and emotionally draining times. I referenced Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam to tie in classical art with modern times. We are saving lives through the absence of touch, and God created life through touch. Here, they practice social distancing, but reach for one another out the window for reassurance that the world is still continuing. 

For full illustrations and more information about how I make my art, please visit my Illustrations gallery or feel free to get in touch with me with any questions!

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