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Hello! I'm Katie Burke! I am a children's book and freelance digital illustrator. I love to create whimsical and magical environments by painting light and using strong, unified colors throughout my work. I also love to draw unique and fun characters to populate these environments. I am the author and illustrator of at least two children's books so far with a rapidly growing collection of illustrations in my portfolio. 

Summer 2019


Illustration Series

For the spring of 2019, I created a small series of three illustrations featuring two friends in various scenarios throughout a year: one in summer, winter, and spring/fall. I wanted to convey the nostalgic feelings of a childhood friendship, where you feel like the times you share together will last absolutely forever and they are the best memories of your life. I really enjoyed the challenge of making sure that the characters were drawn consistently each time, and limited myself to a very soft color scheme of mostly blues and one contrasting pink/coral for the cozy light source. This series is available in the form of postcard prints this summer!

For full illustrations and more information about how I make my art, please visit my Illustrations gallery or feel free to get in touch with me with any questions!


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