©2019 Katie Burke Illustration

Hello! I'm Katie Burke! I am a children's book and freelance digital illustrator. I love to create whimsical and magical environments by painting light and using strong, unified colors throughout my work. I also love to draw unique and fun characters to populate these environments. I am the author and illustrator of at least two children's books so far with a rapidly growing collection of illustrations in my portfolio. 

Winter 2019-20



This is a recent commission that I did, and it ended up being one of my favorite illustrations of 2019! The monochromatic color scheme that was requested posed a challenge because I usually rely heavily on color in my work, but I had a lot of fun creating depth and the appearance of color variety by choosing warmer or cooler purple tones for different elements within the illustration. This commission touched on all my favorite things to draw: fantastical whimsical characters, movement, and a fun environment!

For full illustrations and more information about how I make my art, please visit my Illustrations gallery or feel free to get in touch with me with any questions!